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WonderLand Tours And Travels offers you the services of recognized transport companies based in Kashmir Valley. Other than state transport company which operates inter-city and inter-district buses, there are many private transport associations providing services of small and medium vehicles. The services include Car Rentals, Airport and Hotel transfers, Sightseeing Tours and Getaway Tours.Some recognized Taxi and Tour Operator Associations and Stands are responsible for providing transportation facilities and services. These private companies run small and medium vehicles including Ambassador Cars, Tata Sumos, Mahindra Scorpios, Taveras, Omni mini vans, Tata Indicas, Wingers, Tempo Travelers and more. Tariffs vary as Cars can be rented for different purposes – Full Day and Extended Tours, Sightseeing Tours, Airport Transfers and likewise. Tariffs also vary depending on the type of vehicle and seating capacity. Car Type & Seating Arrangement:

  • Ambassador Car:An old make, ambassador cars have been providing service since decades. Tourist stands at many places in Kashmir continue to use them in their fleets.
    Passenger Capacity:Can comfortably accommodate 4 passengers including the driver.
  • Tata Sumo:The widely used transportation vehicle in Kashmir. They provide inter-city, inter state and within Kashmir transportation services.
    Passenger Capacity:Tata Sumos can comfortable accommodate 8 passengers including the driver.
  • Tata Indica:Small car ideal for Airport transfers and trips for couples. Can be easily parked and stays off from traffic jams.
    Passenger Capacity: Can comfortably accommodate 4 passengers including the driver.
  • Mahindra Scorpio: Very strong utility vehicle and ideal for off roads and terrains. With rooftop carriers extra luggage is not a problem.
  • Tavera:Recently introduced by transportation companies, Tavera offers both the power to go off-road as well as comfort to the travelling passengers.
    Passenger Capacity: Tavera can comfortably carry upto 8 passengers including driver.
  • Toyota Innova : Innovas are the most sought after transportation vehicles in Kashmir. The offer comfortable and luxurious travel in and around Kashmir.
    Passenger Capacity: Innova can comfortably carry upto 8 passengers including driver.
  • Omni Vans: These mini vans are ideal for small distance trips, excursions, local sightseeing. Although they are used for terrains, but are not suited for the job.
    Passenger Capacity: Can carry 6 passengers comfortably with the driver.
  • Tempo Traveller: With extra space, tempo travellers are suitable for a group of 8 to 10 people travelling together. Also used for inter-state transportation services. Passenger Capacity: Can accommodate upto 12 passengers.
  • Winger: Winger has been recently manufactured and introduced with the idea of using it as a family cab for 10-12 passengers.
    Passenger Capacity: Can accommodate 12 passengers.
  • Force Traveler: Much like Winger, but more comfortable Force traveler comes quite handy for group of people and families who prefer to travel together.
    Passenger Capacity: Can accommodate 12 passengers.

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